Pronouns: She, Her, Hers. 

Ever since I could remember my first pack of crayons, I was always up to something that sparked my creative bone. When I was only three years old, I began to explore my creativity on Microsoft Paint on my father's Windows 1995 Hewlett-Packard desktop computer. Throughout my childhood, I dove into anything creative and expressive: illustration, photography, crafts, painting, music production, and even poetry. The journey finally took off with a unanimously voted t-shirt design submission in a high school club contest when I took graphic design into serious consideration. After earning both my Associate and Bachelor degrees, the what-do-you-wanna-be-when-you-grow up dreams quickly transitioned into a reality; I realized that possibilities are endless in visual art regardless of trend, one size definitely does not fit all.

When I graduated from the Art Institute, I used my first design alias as Espejo Designs for the following 3 years. In Fall of 2016, I relaunched as Bread Slice Design as a transition into a freelance career.